In the fight to end homelessness and poverty, it’s essential to replace data silos with strategic support

CTA uses existing technologies and creates open-sourced tools that tie into your existing platform. This lets you communicate across multiple data systems, access more data and instantly identify the services your clients need.

Whether you’re linking current systems or creating a new coordinated entry system, CTA gives you access close to real-time information about those in need and lets you track the impact of your services.

How Coordinated Entry works

Open source and enterprise-level tools connect systems so you can focus on helping your clients escape homelessness and poverty. Coordinated Entry/ Data Hub lets you break down modular components into discrete micro-services. Depending on your community’s needs, you can opt to be notified about the following services:

  • Matching clients with Open Enterprise Master Patient index
  • Matching housing opportunities
  • Notifications
  • Customized micro-services

Technical Specifications

You can choose to run this collection of micro-services on your own premises, on enterprise cloud accounts that you own, or have it hosted by CTA’s open source warehouse, HMISLynk. You’ll get:

  • Discrete and isolated messages. The micro-services interact with each other through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Consistent and rapid access to operational data by APIs. All the micro-services share a single PostgreSQL RDBMS, with many nodes to scale.
  • Relational PostgreSQL database and a Hadoop/HBase Big Data warehouse.
  • No impact on the operational system’s speed. The HBase is accessible via SQL queries over ODBC (using Apache Hive protected by Kerberos).
  • Direct feed data to analytics platforms like Tableau or SAP Business Intelligence.
  • The ability to instantly process long-running canned reports or custom queries.
  • The ability to store vast quantities of auditable access log and other application data.

Connect multiple data systems and instantly identify the services your clients need

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