When you’re trying to end homelessness & poverty, it’s essential to know which strategies have the most impact on your community

We’ve collaborated with the Tableau Foundation to develop tools that help you analyze, evaluate and act on your most critical data.

From system-level performance and dashboards reports, our open-source and enterprise level tools connect you to an interactive reporting portal so you can quickly view and analyze data on homelessness.


CTA’s reporting lets you access:

Reports & Dashboards

  • Demographics and Outcomes
  • Length of time homeless
  • Recidivism rate of homelessness
  • Number of homeless persons
  • Jobs and income growth
  • Homelessness prevention and housing placement
  • Successful housing placement
  • HIC/PIT Aggregate
  • HUD Performance Measures Dashboard
  • Annual Performance Report (APR) Dashboard
  • Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) Dashboard

What does your community’s aggregated data look like?

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