You're trying to help people escape homelessness and poverty. Make every second count with a tool powerful enough to perform assessments and make referrals, even on the streets.

Use CTA’s mobile app, HOME, from the shelter, your desk or even out in the field. This open-source, cross platform app can be used as a stand-alone tool or as part of your coordinated entry system.

HOME lets you perform VI-SDAT’s and other assessments wherever your clients are and lets you directly refer them to the appropriate services. Easily add in custom surveys. HOME comes preloaded with:

Current versions of the VI-SPDATs (singles, family and youth)

Homeless data fields, standardized for all federal systems

Chat feature for easier collaboration

Web-based portal for administrators to manage users, add or edit surveys, review and export data to your data warehouse or reporting platform

Ability to refer clients to centralized intake center or directly to service providers

Basic reporting feature

Need to expand and optimize your outreach?

Contact us today to see how HOME helps you easily perform on-site assessmentsand integrate initial contact with your case management systems.