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User Manuals

Clarity HMIS Select Workflow
Clarity Adding a New Client Manual
Clarity Annual Assessment Workflow
Clarity ES Attendance
Manager Referral Steps
Clarity Referral Manual for Managers
Clarity Referral Manual for Case Managers

New Project Form
How to Manage an ROI


RHY Program HMIS Manual
YHDP Clarity Manual
YHDP Intake
YHDP Intake-Child
YHDP Update/Annual
YHDP-Standard Exit

Smart Path

Please note, all fillable documents must be downloaded to your computer and opened from your files prior to entering client information.
Smart Path Website
Smart Path Public Access Points English/Spanish
Smart Path Talking Points for Agencies
Smart Path Yellow Flyer English/Spanish
Smart Path Flyer English/Spanish
Smart Path Assessment Packet for Single Adult
Smart Path Assessment Packet for Family
Smart Path Assessment Packet for Transition Age Youth
Spanish Smart Path Assessment Packet for Single Adult
Spanish Smart Path Assessment Packet for Family
Spanish Smart Path Assessment Packet for Transition Age Youth
Smart Path Confidential Assessment Packet-Single Adult
Smart Path Confidential Assessment Packet-Family
Smart Path Confidential Assessment Packet- Transition Age Youth

Intake Forms

All Intake Forms are now updated to include the 2020 Data Standard changes.
New Clarity Adult Intake
New Clarity Adult Intake with FEMA (ES)
New Clarity Child Intake
Standard Update/Annual Update
Standard Exit
Current Living Situation
PATH-Current Living Situation

Spanish Intake Forms

Spanish New Clarity Adult Intake
Spanish New Clarity Adult Intake with FEMA (ES)
Spanish New Clarity Child Intake
Spanish-Standard Update/Annual Update
Spanish-Standard Exit
Spanish-Current Living Situation
Spanish-PATH Current Living Situation


FEMA Project Set Up
FEMA Screening Tool
FEMA Intake Form

Spanish FEMA Intake Form

COVID-19 Interim Smart Path Assessments and Referrals Policy

SPDAT Forms and manuals

VI-SPDAT prescreen for single adults
VI-SPDAT prescreen for families
VI-SPDAT prescreen for youth
VI-SPDAT for Single Adult (Spanish)
VI-SPDAT for Family (Spanish)
VI-SPDAT for Transition Age Youth (Spanish)
SPDAT Manual
Family SPDAT Manual
Youth SPDAT Manual

Privacy Related Documents

HMIS Release of Information
Spanish HMIS Release of Information
HMIS Santa Cruz Security & Privacy Plan
HMIS Policies and Procedures Manual
HMIS Santa Cruz – Quarterly Compliance Checklist
HUD-Required Posting for Intake Sites

VA Information

SSVF Program Guide
SSVF Homepage
Grants Per Diem Homepage

HMIS Standards

2020 HMIS Data Standards Manual
2020 Data Standard Data Dictionary


Partner Agencies

Association of Faith Communities
Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County
Community Bridges- Mountain Community Resources
City of Santa Cruz- River St Camp
Department of Veterans Affairs
Downtown Streets Team
Encompass Community Services
Families in Transition
Front St. Inc.
Homeless Garden Project
Homeless Persons Health Project
Homeless Services Center
Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County
Housing Choices
Janus Santa Cruz County
Pajaro Rescue Mission
Pajaro Valley Shelter Services
Santa Cruz Community Health Centers
Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (HSA)
Santa Cruz County Human Services Department
Salud Para La Gente
Salvation Army (Watsonville)
Santa Cruz Public Libraries
Veteran Resource Center
Wings Homeless Advocacy

Homelessness Resources

Corporation for Supportive Housing
Santa Cruz Community Information Database
Housing California
National Alliance to End Homelessness

Government Agencies

County of Santa Cruz Human Services Department
California Department of Housing & Community Development
U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services
U.S. Dept of Housing & Urban Development
U.S. Dept of Veteran’s Affairs
HUD OneCPD Resource Exchange

Technical Resources

Clarity (HMIS Software Provider)