The dangers of dirty data

High impact organizations understand the benefit of data analytics when it comes to fighting homelessness. When you’re able to analyze clean data, you can discover trends in your community and measure the impact your services have.  Most critically, sharing data visually makes it possible to share your results with donors, politicians and the public. But,Read More

Two organizations try a new approach in ending homelessness.

Pilot Partnership combines forces to help more people access more resources. The Coalition of Homeless Service Providers, a group of private non-profit and public organizations working together in Monterey and San Benito counties to end homelessness, was already forward-thinking when it came to outreach. They’d integrated CTA’s HOME app into their toolkit so outreach workersRead More

Using technology to prevent water turn-off. CTA’s pilot program identifies and helps at-risk residents.

When most people think of Monterey County, they think of Carmel and Pebble Beach.  But for those who are trying to make a living, the day to day reality is not the picture of paradise you see in the tourist magazines. “Over 60% of families living in Monterey country are below self-sufficiency level and haveRead More

Funders are starting to demand better data. Are you ready?

When organizations deal with an issue as complex as homelessness, it’s challenging to collect and analyze your data. While cleaning up your data may not feel as urgent as cleaning up lives, it’s important to remember the huge impact that clean data has on your bigger goals.   Why clean data is becoming a mandateRead More

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A Coordinating Entry System improves outcomes. But how can you create one within such a mixed environment?

If you get funding from HUD, you know that Coordinated Entry is now a national priority. But how do you build out this new system when many of the agencies you work with don’t need to follow HUD requirements and are still using a variety of different databases? When you’re placing people in housing, speedRead More