The One Metric you Need to Measure

If you want to see whether you’re making an impact on ending homelessness, there’s only one metric you should care about.  It’s not how many people use your services.  It’s not even if people are getting housed. It’s whether they’re staying housed.   You need to measure something called Return to Homelessness (RTH). Your RTHRead More

Debunking 3 Common Myths about Open Source

Whether you’re already passionate about open source technology, or still clinging to proprietary software, there’s no denying that open source technology is behind some of the industry’s most powerful tools. “Sharing information is key in this era,” says Javier Celedon, Operations Director for CTA.  “Working collaboratively is how we succeed.” Despite its growing popularity, thereRead More

Harnessing a Hackathon! How Informatica (INFA) improved HOME.

On December 11-14, 2018, Informatica (INFA) hosted a hackathon.   INFA staff volunteered their time to make HOME- the app that empowers caseworkers to do mobile outreach and on the spot assessments- even more powerful. A hackathon puts brilliant minds in the same room and has them focus on a single issue.  In this case,Read More

Renewed Grant: More Communities get Better Software.

When you’re taking on some of the world’s most challenging social challenges, you need a strong alliance. Since 1991, we’ve been working with strong non-profits and local communities to end homelessness. Our work was recently recognized by Tableau Foundation.  They not only renewed our grant, they expanded it.  This will allow us to make anRead More

What if you could stop homelessness before it started?

CTA is part of the Data for Good movement.  We’re doing our part to help people turn their lives around. The solutions we create help organizations collaborate and safely remove the data siloes so people can get the help they need. Technology and its solutions can be an abstract issue. To see how technology canRead More

CTA exists because we want to end homelessness and poverty. So what’s our impact?

We partner with communities like The Coalition of Homeless Service Providers in Monterey County, Skid Row Housing Trust in LA, United Way 211 Monterey, and more. These organizations help people escape homelessness and to help get or keep families in homes.   The California communities we work with face a double whammy: high cost ofRead More