Data Hub

Based on open source technology, our Data Hub platform is customizable to meet your data collection and reporting needs

VI- SPDATWhat is HMISLynk?
In partnership with Alexandria Consulting and ServingLynk, HMISLynk is a secure data warehouse. Data from one or multiple data systems flows into HMISLynk. Aggregate data can then be analyzed and used to generate reports using Tableau Analytics or a compatible reporting platform of your choice.

How does it work?
APIs (Application Programming Interface) link your data system(s) to HMISLynk. The APIs are configurable, allowing you to not only customize which data elements are imported but also to customize your security settings.

HMISLynk is based on a Hadoop/Hbase open source Java platform, allowing for the storage and processing of large amounts of data.

The PostgreSQL RDBMS interface securely stores data, supports best practices and notifications, and permits data retrieval from other authorized software applications.

Tableau Analytics is a data visualization and reporting platform. A compatible platform can be substituted if a platform other than Tableau is preferred.

What to learn more?
Contact CTA to discuss your community’s needs.