H.O.M.E. App

Home APP Homeless Outreach Mobile Engagement (HOME) app
Available February 2016
The HOME app is a cross-platform app, compatible with both Windows and IOS systems. Whether as a stand-alone or integrated into your coordinated entry system, HOME is based on open source technology for easy adoption and customization by your community.

How HOME works
HOME is preloaded with the VI-SPDATs, Point in Time and basic demographic fields. Additional data elements can be added. A chat feature allows staff to be in contact with one another. HOME comes with a web-based portal, allowing an administrator to manage users, add or edit assessments, review and export data to your data warehouse and/or reporting platform.
Three levels of Support
Self-Hosted: For a one time nominal fee, CTA provides the HOME app and assistance with initial set-up. Hosting, customization, and all other features are the responsibility of the community.
CTA-Hosted: For an ongoing monthly fee, CTA will host and provide scheduled customization and ongoing customer support.
Customized Support: Whether integrating the HOME app with your current data warehouse, a new coordinated entry system or reporting platform, contact CTA to discuss how the HOME app can best meet your community’s needs.